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3 Basketball Workout Plans You Should Start Right Now


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Basketball is a physically challenging sport. It demands swift movements, fiery energy, and power that matches no other.

It is important to constantly grind and improve your physique and stamina by building up your muscular energy and getting flexible enough that no matter how much you run, jump or bounce, your tendons and ligaments are not damaged and you stay fit enough to play for longer hours as well.

You need a lot of strength and a massive amount of vitality and vigor to show excellence in your performance.  Even the strongest, most athletic players require daily workout plans to make sure their physique is maintained.

Nevertheless, there is one thing you should always remember: Proper training and constant workout is the only way that you can make your body stronger and improve your force, power, and quickness on the playground.

Here are 3 workout plans to improve your acceleration, build your stamina and advance your power and dynamism.

1. Pull-ups

Pull up is the basic workout plan that every sportsman, be it a basketball player or not, has to follow to develop a back strength. Pull-ups stretch up to your body and provide you more control over your body since you have to pull up your body’s weight repeatedly. As a result, your body develops an appropriate amount of muscle and you get the ripped body frame that is so famous amongst the basketball players.

To perform a pull-up, simply grab the gym bar placed at a certain height and hang on to it. Next, pull yourself up by putting all your weight in your arms and slowly and steady pull down. Pull yourself up again, and then down. Make sure your shoulders are down and low, and your chin is held high. Repeat these steps at least 30 times before you come down the bar.

2. Arm Workout

You’ll need to put the same effort into your arms as much as you’re putting in the rest of the body. To be fair, arms are used the most during a basketball game.

To get proper shape, build and strength in your arms, simply try the following workout plan

  1. 3 sets of 8-12 reps of Triceps Pushdown
  2. 3 sets of 3-6 reps of Barbell Curl
  3. 5 sets of 15 reps Standing Biceps Curl

This workout needs to be done every day. If you are a beginner, you can warm up your body and try decreasing the number of sets for a few days before you get real to the game.

3.  Leg Workout

A good basketball player knows that speed is what defines him the best. Your legs need to be in proper shape and have enough strength to withstand the promptness of the event.

Here’s the leg work out that you need to follow if you want to get strong ripped legs.

  1. 5 sets of Barbell Squats 4-6 reps
  2. 5 sets of leg press of 12-15 reps
  3. 4 sets of the seated leg curls 8-12 reps
  4. 4 sets of leg extensions, 20 reps

Even if you have proper shape and muscle all over your body and your legs are not strong enough to show the power and high speed, then all your training goes to waste. Therefore, make sure that you follow all three workout plans together.

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