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Best 5 indoor games and activities for all ages


Now that winter has once again returned, you might not be wanting to play outside as much. The good news is that you can still get plenty of exercise while having fun and all within the warmth and comfort of the indoors. Here are five of the best Indoor activities that you can play to keep yourself fit and active this winter.

  1. Ping pong: Ping pong also known as table tennis is a great indoor game to play because of it’s many benefits for example while you probably already know that It’s good for helping to improve concentration reflexes and hand-eye coordination, you might not be aware that It’s also great for improving arm, leg and core strength without over doing it with your joints. In addition to this you can actually burn calories while playing this addicting game. And because it’s a two-person game, it’s a good way to socialize while having fun. Furthermore ping pong increases blood flow to the brain stimulating the prefrontal cortex and increasing cognitive awareness.
  2. Bowling: Bowling is another fantastic social sport that not only improves hand-eye coordination but flexibility thanks to all of the stretching twisting and lunging involved in setting the ball in motion. In addition to this bowling also helps to burn calories thanks, to the amount of walking involved (a standard three-game series is equivalent to walking a half a mile!) as well as strengthening the muscles in your hand (due to the weight of the ball) and toning your shoulders chest arms and legs .
  3. Trampolining: Trampolining  has been increasing in popularity in recent years likely due to the fact, that it’s a super fun way to exercise your entire body. Being is motion, increases your heart rate and because of all of the different maneuvers and landing your coordination and balance improve.
  4. Badminton: Badminton boasts the same as ping pong does by challenging your mental alertness speed agility, and flexibility.
  5. Chess: Chess is a great way to give your entire brain a workout and is perfect, if you’re not so much into physical activity. In addition to being a social game it’s a great way to improve strategy problem-solving and reasoning  skills. Interestingly researchers have researchers that the area in our brains known as the fusiform face area (FFA) (located at the bottom of the brain and the part that aids us with facial recognition) is also activated when playing chess. The reason is that we analyze faces we don’t only focus on the facial features but also the spatial relationship between them. Therefore analyzing the spatial relationship between the game pieces strengthens the FFA.

Winter may be back but doesn’t mean we have to resort to bundling up for cold outdoor activities (especially good news if you don’t like the cold) neither does it mean we have to miss out on activities that we enjoy doing in the warmer months. The aforementioned are 5 of the best indoor activities are sure to bring you joy while exercising your body brain and spirit.

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