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How to Become a Pro Bowler


Bowling is a game, a sport, a competition, depending on how important you are to him. Whatever your infinity with bowling, you will want to improve your technique and increase your score. Of course, practicing often is a first step to achieve this. However, that will not be enough. You will have to learn to give effect in your throws, adapt your technique according to the placement of bowling. People often do not pay attention, but there are little arrows on the track that are very useful landmarks. By learning the techniques and tips of bowling, you will very quickly improve your score.

1. Choose your bowling ball

The ball is one of the important elements that you must choose. It will be different for each person. Depending on its weight, size and individual, each will not react the same way on the track. You will need to select a ball that you can take in hand easily to propel it with the effect and speed you want. The ideal is to buy your ball, rather than rent it or borrow it, as this will allow you to familiarize yourself with and thus, progress more easily.

  • A ball for a man is usually a little over 6 kg and for a woman or small men 500 g less. For children, a ball that weighs around 5 kg is good to start.
  • Place your fingers in the holes provided on the ball to hold it in your hand. Do not try to contract the muscles of your fingers and thumb, just a little pressure is enough to keep it well.
  • Know that the balls have different ratings “RG Radius” and “Flare Potential”. According to these odds, the ball will go straight or will be able to realize a curve. The higher the value of the dimensions, the more the ball can make a curve trajectory. With this information and depending on how you throw the ball, choose your ball and buy it.

2. Choose the shoes

Bowling shoes look like normal shoes. You will have to take care of it like your everyday shoes. If you can, buy a pair, it’s always better than renting. The out soles of the shoes are smooth and are as comfortable as conventional shoes. Remember to take a pair of shoes a half-size more than your everyday shoes. You will be better and it will make it easier to make good shots

3. Have a sporty position

Your posture and your placement are very important. Place your fingers in the three holes on the ball. Make sure the ball is stable in your palm. Help yourself with your other hand to support the weight. You can also stick it against your torso to improve a little more the maintenance of the ball. If you are right-handed, for example, shift the ball to your right. Bend your knees a bit and keep your shoulders relaxed. If there is a center point facing the track, put your left foot on it (right handed pitcher).

Secure your wrist so that the ball is no more than an extension of your arm. Do not bend your wrist down when you have the ball in hand

4. Visualize the brand

You can see on the track seven arrow shaped marks. You have to choose one. Do not take the center one, because once the ball part it will probably go to the right or left. Instead, choose the right mark, the right one for the right-handed and the left-hand mark for the left-handed. This is the best option to strike.

If you are not sure if you are aiming for the right mark, shift to the left or right so that your feet are in front of the marker. All you have to do is go straight ahead.

Know that the balls rarely go straight, they will make a curve on the track. This is normal, the tracks are provided for this purpose. Consider the trajectory to make a “pocket”, the ball arrives between the first keel and the second right or left depending on the type of launcher you are.

5. Prepare for your run

In general, the running race is done in four steps. Depending on the bowling lanes, there are dotted lines that can help you get some bearings. Start from the same leg as the hand that will throw the ball. If you are right-handed, start with the right foot. Take four quick steps to get on your opposite foot about 15 cm from the track, is the left foot for a right-handed person. At that moment, your free foot will go backwards, while you throw the ball. You can practice good motion without a ball, and find the right run that will make you reach the edge of the track to throw the ball using the maximum energy of your run-up

  • Practice doing these four steps and getting on your opposite foot to the hand holding the ball at the foul line (runway limit) in the proper position to perform the throw. Starting from the fault line, take four steps back to know your starting point.
  • Note that for left-handed people, the positioning of the feet is reversed. The starting foot is the one on the left to reach the end of the fourth step on the right leg and thus throw the ball with the left hand.

6. Reach your arm forward

As you swing forward, extend the arm that holds the ball toward the track. For a right-handed person, support with the left hand the ball to relieve of this effort your right hand which will have to be able to throw the ball with the maximum of momentum and force that can have this last one at the moment of propelling the ball on the track.

Remember to always have the ball shifted to the side of the hand that has the ball. For a right-handed, for example, have the ball on your right side.

7. Bring your arm to your opposite leg

When you step off your left foot (for a right-handed person), your right arm should relax downward and thus be aligned with your left leg. Your elbow will stay a little arched. While dropping your right arm, always hold the ball firmly.

8. Keep arming your shot

As you move towards the track, your arm will go back. It will be at its maximum when you are at your third step, the right foot for a right-handed person. You are ready to throw the ball on the track.
Remember to keep your wrist solid, it must follow the movement without going in any direction. Know that the more your arm is raised and the more you can throw hard. However, do not overdo it, you could cause an accident.

9. Send the ball

For a right-handed person, when your left foot is near the edge of the track, throw the ball. You will lean forward when your arm goes down and throw the ball forward. At the same time, your right leg will go back to your left leg. In this way, your right arm will be able to throw the ball without being embarrassed by your leg.

10. Reassemble your wrist while closing your fingers

As you release the ball, your wrist should go back to your head and your fingers fold back into the palm of your hand. Remember to throw the ball on the bowling lane, only when your arm has passed your support leg which is at the edge of the track, and therefore when the ball is also closer to the ground.

Do not try to aim at the bowling pins, when you throw the ball, you would not make a good throw. Stay focused on the brand on the track you have chosen and aim for that brand. For a first throw, you will need to take the first or second arrow to the right or left of the arrow in the center.

11. Do not cut your gesture

When you ship the ball on the bowling alley, do not stop the gesture of your arm and your hand. Let your arm go up to your head and the fingers of your hand close.

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