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How to Choose The Perfect Bowling Balls


Bowling balls come in all different weights and types depending on the type of game being played. Ten pin balls can have as many as twelve different holes, though most of them have only three. Bowling balls can come in various weights ranging from 6 to 16 lbs. Typically, the closer the finger holes are to each other, the lighter the ball. This is because people with smaller hands, children for example, require lighter balls. To determine which ball is right for the player, one must take into consideration the players’ size, strength, and abilities. Once these are established, it is advised to read bowling ball reviews to determine which ball is best for them.

When researching bowling ball reviews, it is advisable to look around various websites, bowling ball shops (also called Pro Shops), and bowling alleys in their area. Talking to other bowlers in the area is a good way to get a real perspective on what brands they think are best. Try to read as much about bowling balls as possible. If you can, test them out. Some bowling alleys will have numerous balls in their Pro Shop for bowlers and perspective buyers to try out before they decide.

There are numerous types of bowling ball brands to consider:

  • Vapor Zone bowling balls are made by Brunswick, a trusted brand in the bowling industry. The bowler who creates a curve with their wrists and fingers should use the Vapor on an oily lane, while bowlers who have less of a curve should use the ball on a less oily lane then they may be used to.
  • The Columbia 300 is a bowling ball maker who also manufactures shirts, bags, towels, and other bowling supplies. This ball offers bowlers a moderate amount of curve that is ideal on less oily lanes. This ball also works for the bowler who naturally generates a sufficient amount of curve from their wrist and fingers. This ball is specially designed to implement a “hook” late on the lane after being released.
  • The Ebonite Showtime bowling ball is one that is made for bowlers with less natural hook and more natural curve. Their core is shaped like a light bulb to encourage and create a curve. These bowling ball reviews are helpful because they are geared towards helping the bowler decide which ball is best for them depending on their style of bowling.

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