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How to Choose the Right Balls for Beginners


1. If you use a rented ball, know that exercise can be very difficult

The balls that your bowling leases are designed to be thrown in straight paths. Putting them in effect may require considerable effort. Do not be frustrated if you do not train with your personal ball! Your difficulties are surely due to the ball you use.

The basic rule for choosing a bowling ball is that it must weigh 10% of your weight. If you weigh 80 kg, choose an 8 kg ball. [1] Unless you have health problems or other reasons that require you to take a lighter ball.

2. Find a ball with holes for the tips of your fingers

Most balls (for rent) have holes in a phalanx. This means that you have to insert a phalanx of each finger. Holes designed for the tips of the fingers are much more effective for throwing with effect. Indeed, as your thumb and your fingers must be able to leave the ball quickly, it is better that they are not too deep in the ball.

3. Find a ball with a urethane or resin coating

If your ball has a urethane coating, it will be much easier for you to put it in effect. This coating does not absorb the varnish of the track and remains more in contact with it than a plastic coating. These two elements are essential to achieve a good effect.

A resin coating can sink into the greasy layer of the track, which can also give you an excellent effect. But these coatings are expensive. Do not invest in it unless you’re a true bowling fan.

4. If you are thinking about getting a personal ball, find out about the RG classes and the different coatings available

A ball with a high RG can give very marked effects. However, you can choose a ball with a low differential, as long as it has a matte coating, useful to combat the effect of polish tracks. If you play on a dry track (like at home), opt for balls with a stiffer coating or a pearl coating.

You have a lot of possibilities! If you can not decide, ask the trader for advice. Explain to him what you want to do and give him an idea of ​​the different constraints you face. He will be happy to find you the perfect ball.

Do not get a made-to-measure ball until you’ve found your hook technique. Your hook will change as you progress. Wait a bit! You want your personal ball to fit your best game.

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