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How to Put an Effect on Bowling


That’s it, you manage to throw it right every time! It’s time to move to the professional level! Learn how to throw a bowling ball with an effect requires time and training. But you will quickly see the results in terms of confidence in you and your bowling scores will also improve!

1. Put yourself in the right position and correctly grasp the ball

You must be several tens of centimeters away from the red line and take a four-step momentum. Some players take longer bursts – but four steps should be enough. Align your feet with the arrow you are aiming for (which will determine the intensity of the effect you are going to put on).

If you have your own ball, you probably know how to grab it. But if you play with a rented ball, you may have to adjust how you grab the ball. Balls for rent are usually designed to push a finger phalanx. Your fingers (and especially your thumb) must be able to get out of the ball quickly, do not push them too much. Hold the ball to align with your wrist. We will talk again about the position of the hands later, it is more important during the swinging of the arm than before the swinging.

2. Attach the target keel

Visualize your swing and where the ball will hit the keel you are aiming for before letting go of the ball. Focus on the trajectory of the ball and where the ball will hit the pins – a bit like billiards

3. Do the same approach with a right release

The approach must be the same as for a straight throw – where it changes, it is at the swing and the position of your hand. So put your ball back, with your palm just behind her, as usual.

Harden your wrist. If you put too much weight on your wrist or twist it in all directions, you could hurt yourself – or at least get tired quickly.

4. Release the ball when the ball is at the bottom of your swing, first remove your thumb before the other fingers

The idea is that you only have to use your fingers to give the ball an effect when releasing the ball – so you have to make sure your thumb is not there at that moment. Here are some possible hand positions:

  • The classic way to grab the ball is to put your two fingers and thumb in the three holes designed for this purpose. In a few words, do not change anything.
  • Some players prefer not to insert their thumb and let the ball rest against their palm / wrist while they swing it.
  • Still others prefer to insert only one finger (the index finger) into the ball and place it against the palm, with the same rotational movement when the ball is released.

5. Rotate your fingers against the ball as you release it

Determine the effect of the ball with your fingers. Continue your movement after throwing the ball towards the bowling pins. You must end up in the position of someone shaking hands with another person. Ideally, your movement should go from 7 am to 4 am.

Avoid slowing down your swing. We naturally tend to slow down, because we focus on the position of the hand, but unfortunately, you always need the same strength in your throw to give it effect. If you decide to slow down anyway, take into account the differential. The next time you want to throw straight, you will need to readjust your hand position.

6. Learn how to control the intensity of the effect by controlling the position of the ball and when you release it

To give a stronger effect, get your fingers out of the ball faster. Your counter-clockwise blow may also be more (or less) drastic.

If you do not succeed, isolate the variables and experiment to determine which of them prevents you from rolling up your ball. Try to launch from another place. Try to change your backswing and the positioning of your feet. You can even try different balls. It is possible that you position your wrist and your hand very well and that it is other elements which prevent you from making your throws correctly.


  • Remember to wear a wrist support. It will strengthen your wrist and align with the track to help you make better releases.
  • The condition of the track can dramatically affect your effects. In general, the more the track is varnished and greasy, the more difficult it will be to put the effect in your throws. Some bowling clubs paint their tracks more often than others. There may even be differences between tracks within the same facility, because the tracks do not necessarily receive the same treatment. Make a few practice shots on the track you have chosen to get to know it better before trying to put your shots into effect.
  • After learning how to put your shots into effect with a lighter ball, try applying the same technique to a heavier ball.


  • Do not try to put the effect on your wrist, it must stay straight and hard throughout your movement

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